Zhejiang Huachang Textile Co.,Ltd


I, on behalf of all the staff of Huachang Textile, would like to express my sincerest gratitude to all leaders, friends, strategic partners and people from all walks of life that care and support the development of Huachang Textile!
We have experienced many years of hard pioneering and unwavering cultivation and then harvested great fruit from the years of hard working and struggling. Time is like a song, and journey like a dancing. We feel excited when reviewing the past and ambitious when looking forward the future. 


Located in the world holy land of tidal bore, the south of Haining leather city with Shanghai-Hangzhou high speed, Zhejiang Huachang Textile Co.,Ltd has a superior location and convenient transportation. Established on 18th, Jan, 2002, company takes a total area about 20000m2, workshop and office area about 11680  .